Wednesday, October 10, 2012

IIS 7.5: Enable Parent Paths

Why need?
Classic ASP Parent Paths let developers use relative addresses that contain ".." in the paths to files or folders. For example, the following code excerpt illustrates an ASP page that maps a parent path:
Response.Write Server.MapPath("../example.asp")

The above code will fire 500 error ==> so need to enable parent path


1.  Once logged into your server, open IIS Manager.  You can do this by clicking your Windows Start button and entering "inetmgr" into the search box.  Then press enter.

2.  On the Connections pane, expand the server node and select your site from underneath "Sites."

3.  On the Features view, double-click "ASP."

4.  Change "Enable Parent Paths" to "True."

5.  Under the Actions page, click "Apply."

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