Monday, March 23, 2015

Gmail: using canned responses to respond incoming email automatically

If you use Gmail, you can create an email response automatically for incoming emails. Let image that you need an auto-responder email when you receive any application or order email, for example "Thank you for your application/order, we’ll get back to you soon.", it's worth for money.

In this article, I'll share you steps to create this auto-responder email.

1. Enable Canned Responses
In your Gmail, go to Settings >> Labs >> choose Enable Canned Responses >> click Save Changes button in the bottom.

2. Create new Canned Responses email template
Click Compose button >> then edit the template >> click drop down button at right-bottom >> click Canned responses >> click New canned response >> click OK >> then click trash icon to delete this email draft. Note: This Canned Response function doesn't work if you don't delete the Draft email which is used for creating the template.

3. Create filter for incoming emails
Go to Settings >> Labs >> click Filters >> click Create a new filter >> in TO box, key your email if you want to make auto-responder for all incoming emails, if you just need for some emails, let set the filters as your need >> click Continue >> select Send canned response template >> click OK

Done! Now if someone send email to you, they will receive an auto-responder message.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

BlueStacks: use Android apps or play games on PC or MAC easily

If you have a favorite app or game on Android, you can use it on your PC easily with BlueStacks.

What is BlueStacks?
BlueStacks has full name as BlueStacks App Player, it is an Android emulator that lets you use Android apps or games on PC or MAC. Although it is free but it is one of the best Android emulator for PC or MAC. It can run smoothly on MAC OS, Windows XP, Windows 7, 8 without any special requirement. It just needs 2 GB of RAM to run apps well.

In this article, I'll share you 3 ways to bring an Android apps or game to BlueStacks.

1. Use Play Store
After downloading & installing BlueStacks, go to its Search function to search your wanted apps or games.

The click Search Play... button.

In the first time, it requires you login to your Google account. In the search result, choose your wanted app to install like installing app on Android mobile phone.

2. Use APK file
APK file is an Android Package file, and it is the installer file for Android apps.
For some reasons in some cases, Play Store on BlueStacks may not work well or the app isn't available on the Play Store, it just has APK file.
To install, just find & download APK file to your PC, double click on it OR drag & drop it to BlueStacks home screen, then confirm that you want to install the app.

3. Use BlueStacks Cloud Connect
If Play Store and APK file don't work for you, you still don't end up here, you can use this last solution. BlueStacks Cloud Connect helps you sync selected apps from your smart phone to your PC. Below are steps to do:
+Open BlueStacks Settings by dragging down the right upper part of BlueStacks
+Then click on Cloud Connect and proceed further. It will require youe email & phone, then give you a PIN code.
+On your smart phone, let install BlueStacks Cloud Connect from Play Store. Then open the app and pair your phone with your PC by typing in your PIN. After that, you can tap any app you want to sync and tap Sync button.
+Open BlueStacks on your PC and enjoy the synced app or game.

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