Monday, September 8, 2014

Facebook apps: new way is easier to create apps

Facebook has announced recently its process for developers integrating apps into the social network. The new process is easier than old process.

You can read here to know this new way.

In the original app-creation flow, you had to find and download our latest SDKs, create a Facebook App ID, enable the platform you were building for, and then copy and paste certain information between our docs and your development environment — all while trying to read our documentation. We are always trying to improve the experience for developers, and having a quick start to integrating with Facebook is one example.
In the new app registration flow, we've drastically simplified the experience and we added interactive guides to lead you through the process of integrating an app with Facebook. Now, we will only display the steps relevant to your app. Additionally, SDK downloads are included inline, along with code you can copy and paste into your app.
Developers working on Windows Phone and Facebook Page Tabs apps can still access the older app creation tools by using the “advanced setup” link.

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