Monday, March 23, 2015

Gmail: using canned responses to respond incoming email automatically

If you use Gmail, you can create an email response automatically for incoming emails. Let image that you need an auto-responder email when you receive any application or order email, for example "Thank you for your application/order, we’ll get back to you soon.", it's worth for money.

In this article, I'll share you steps to create this auto-responder email.

1. Enable Canned Responses
In your Gmail, go to Settings >> Labs >> choose Enable Canned Responses >> click Save Changes button in the bottom.

2. Create new Canned Responses email template
Click Compose button >> then edit the template >> click drop down button at right-bottom >> click Canned responses >> click New canned response >> click OK >> then click trash icon to delete this email draft. Note: This Canned Response function doesn't work if you don't delete the Draft email which is used for creating the template.

3. Create filter for incoming emails
Go to Settings >> Labs >> click Filters >> click Create a new filter >> in TO box, key your email if you want to make auto-responder for all incoming emails, if you just need for some emails, let set the filters as your need >> click Continue >> select Send canned response template >> click OK

Done! Now if someone send email to you, they will receive an auto-responder message.

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