Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Transfer domain from GoDaddy to another registrar

GoDaddy is providing many web hosting services, but unlike the other web hosting company, almost its services are not free, they will push upsells to charge you in many ways.

Depend on your budget, if you want to move your domain out of GoDaddy, below is the process that I experienced:

1. Make sure your domain already registered with GoDaddy over 60 days and it isn't expired. This is a rule implemented by ICANN, the organization that governs domain registrations. For more information, please review ICANN's Policy on Transfer of Registrations between Registrars.

2. Log into your GoDaddy account. Under Domains section, on the domain that you want to transfer, click Manage button.

3. Go to DNS ZONE FILE and print out the information here to backup (you can use Export tool here). Absolutely you will need this information for configuration DNS info of your domain on new registrar.

4. Go to CONTACTS tab and review and/update the contact information exactly. It should have your email info.

5. Go to SETTINGS tab, unlock your domain. GoDaddy will send an email to you to confirm the domain is unlocked.

6. Go to your new registrar to request the domain transfer. The new registrar will send an email to your email (set up in CONTACTS tab above) with a link to confirm. The email may have a password to transfer.

7. Back to GoDaddy and request Authorization Code of the domain (in SETTINGS tab). GoDaddy will send you an email with Authorization Code.

8. Provide the Authorization Code (and transfer password if any) to new registrar.

9. The new registrar will process the transfer. And you will receive an email from GoDaddy to accept. Let accept the transfer. In your My Account >> Domains >> Transfers, click Manage button then make the agreement.

10. The process is done. You must wait for your domain is updated info to new registrar. I can take few hours or several days (max is 7 days). In my case, it takes nearly an hour. In the case you don't see your domain in new registrar after 7 days, let contact your new registrar.

Hope this article can help you. Any comment is welcome.
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