Wednesday, January 18, 2012

5 offline productivity apps

In Part 1 of my 5 offline productivity apps series, I introduced chrome web apps for email, calendar, documents, note pad and calculators that could be used offline.  This time, I’ll introduce more work-related productivity apps.

MindMapr: Offline Mindmapping Web App

MindMapr is a web app that allows users to create mind maps.  Since it is developed with HTML5 technology, no external plug-ins such as Flash is required.  The user control is simple and intuitive.  Just drag and drop to create and move new nodes and edit them.  Mindmaps could be stored in the browser for later use.  (According to the developer, saving files to desktop computer is not yet implemented)
Watch this video to know how simple it is:
Web Store:

Speech Recognizer

This web app is interesting, yet very useful.  Since version 11 Chrome has a speech recognition function that translate your talk into texts.  This app uses the built-in voice recognition engine in Chrome to read your speech and convert into texts for you.  If you have a long passage to write but cannot type fast, this is what you need.  The app developer has created a Chrome extension, Voice In, which does the same thing, for easy input of text fields on any web site.
Speech Recognizer

Web Store:

SpringPad: Save, Organize and Read

I used to be a heavy Evernote user but since a few months ago I have changed to Springpad.  It has a true Chrome web app (unlike the Evernote web app which is a shortcut only).  Now Springpad Chrome web app can be used offline in Chrome browser, which is a great news to people who often clips web pages, make notes and create lists.
Springpad Chrome Offline
Web Store:

Converter: Conversion Between Units

I used to keep an excel spreadsheet in my desktop computer for unit conversion even when I’m offline.  If I only have Chromebook in hand, I’ll use this Converter web app to do so.  I like it’s simple user interface and that it does not contain advertisements (which are quite common for other free apps).
Converter Chrome Web App
Web Store:

Remember the Milk:  Never Forget Your To-do

I think many people heard of RTM before.  I’m a daily user of it, even in the office I use RTM instead of the built-in task manager in MS Outlook.  The best thing about are keyboard shortcuts.  You can quickly add and amend tasks by using the mouse.  For example, click on a task and press “R” to amend the description and “D” to change due day.  It has apps for smartphones so that you can carry your to-do on the go and update wherever you are.  It does not have built-in support for GTD or other management systems, but you can easily implement your own by using tags.
Remember The Milk
Web Store:
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