Thursday, February 16, 2012

Configuring Joomla! site use Xeround Cloud Database

  • You need to have a new DB instance created using Xeround’s service. Your Joomla! site will use this DB instance for managing its contents.
    1. To create your new cloud database you need to register for Xeround, then choose “Create New” from your Database Manager Online Console. (Detailed instructions on creating a new DB instance can be found here).
    2. Create a database schema for your Joomla! database in Xeround’s DB instance. This can be done by connecting to your cloud database using any MySQL client (for example, phpMyAdmin that’s available from your Xeround online console) and executing the following statement:
      CREATE DATABASE joomla_db;
  • Configure your Joomla! installation to use your cloud database:
    1. Download Joomla! and begin installing it on your cloud server (see Joomla!’s installation instructions here).
    2. Complete steps 1-3 of Joomla!’s installation.
    3. In step 4 of Joomla!’s installation, supply the connection details of your Xeround DB instance in the Basic Settings section:
      1. Host Name: the host name and port of your database instance, colon-separated. You can copy-paste it directly from your DB instance Details tab:
      2. Username: the username you chose for your database when you created your Xeround DB instance (step #1 of the the Prerequisites).
      3. Password: the password you chose for your database when you created your new instance (step #1 of the the Prerequisites).
      4. Database Name: the database you created in the DB instance (step #2 of the the Prerequisites).
      Your Joomla! Database Configuration page should look like this:
    4. Click the “Next” button and continue with Joomla!’s installer until it finishes.
    And You’re Done! Your new Joomla! site is powered by Xeround!
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