Thursday, January 5, 2012

How to put a post into a static page

If what you are after is to have a single page on which all posts of a single type appear (in your case, for instance, all the "tips" posts), then you actually do not want a static page at all.

Instead you want to use the labels feature to tag every "tips" post with the "tips" label. You will then be able to render a label-search page for all of these posts at

Note the above link will be empty until you add the tips labels to some regular blog posts.

Then, instead of using the Pages gadget to display links to all your static pages at the top of your page, use a Links gadget instead, using the links for the labels you assign, e.g.

Some if this explanation is going to be easier to do that to read, so you might get started by copying your static pages to regular blog posts and assigning the right labels.

Then you will see the labels as hot links at the end of the posts.

Click on one of them to see the label-search page for that label

Use the url in the links gadget to put links at the top of your page.

It is true that this solution will also display your posts on your blog page as well as on your link-search pages. Some people do not like that. But I say, (1) so what (2) that's how it works )3) give it a try.
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