Thursday, January 5, 2012

Simple shop with blogger

I found the script called SimpleCart . This script is based on Ajax for making a complete shopping cart ,using two payment method Google checkout and Paypal for check out .
You can find out more information on SimpleCart at This page
To make a shop like this ,you can follow some step bellow :
1, Login to your blogger account ,go to Layout tab ,continue to Page elements . Create a HTML/Javascript widget .
2,Download this file and paste it content to HTML/Javascript widget content .
Download file here
3,Save template . And see the widget in action .

How to customize this code

1,Take a look on this code :
<script type=”text/javascript”> = “”;
simpleCart.checkoutTo = PayPal;
simpleCart.cartHeaders = [ "name", "thumb_image" , "Quantity_input" , "increment", "decrement", "Total" ];
simpleCart.checkoutTo = PayPal; mean the payment method is paypal = “”; is the Paypal email for making payment to .Change it to your own .
2,Here is the code of one item in my live demo shop :
<!–Notice the class names of each tag begin with item_ –>
<img src=”” alt=”product 1″ title=”product 1″/>
<h5>Sample DVD</h5>
To create a shelf item, you create a div with a class of simpleCart_shelfItem
<a id=”s1″ href=”javascript:;”>Add to Cart</a>
<span class=”item_thumb”></span>
To create a shelf item, you create a div with a class of “simpleCart_shelfItem” ,like this <div>
this structure : <img src=”item_image” alt=”product 1″ title=”product 1″/>
is for image of item . Image of item must contain class=”item_image” attribute .
This structure <h5>your_item_name</h5> is name of item . It must included class=”item_name” .
Description of item must included like this
your description
To set the price ,use this structure :
To make ” add to cart link” ,add this line
<a href=”javascript:;”>Add to Cart</a>
To add thumbnail image for item ( thumbnail image will be showed in shopping cart ) ,use this structure :
Here is the code of cart :
<div id=”cartTotal”>
<strong>Total: </strong><span></span>
<!–Add a div with the class of simpleCart_items to display what is in the user’s cart–>
<!–use a class of simpleCart_empty to empty the cart and simpleCart_checkout to checkout –>
<a href=”javascript:;”>Empty Cart</a>
<a href=”javascript:;”>Checkout</a>
to show the total ,use this statement :
to show shopping cart ,use this statement
To show “empty cart” and “checkout” button ,use this statement :
<a href=”javascript:;”>Empty Cart</a>
<a href=”javascript:;”>Checkout</a>
In this post ,I explained some important points of using Simplecart and make it a widget to add to Blogspot . If you want to customize the appearance of the shop ,you can modify the CSS section of widget .
If you want to know more about Simple Cart script and its other options such as tax rate ,shipping fee … or option for showing the quantity ,the final cost …
You can go to SimpleCart Documentation page 
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